Sean Litsky ’99

Sean had a positive outlook as an undergrad. So much so that he was
the first and, to the best of his knowledge, only Optimism Chair. He’s
kept that mindset throughout his life.

Shortly after graduating the University of Arizona with a B.A. in History
in 2002 he took a teaching post with Tucson Unified School District,
where he continues to brighten the lives of today’s youth. And scout
potential Gamma-Rho’s.

He continued his education, and in 2010 he earned his Post-Bach Teaching
Certificate from Pima Community College.

He and Rickyana Estrada have three children, stepdaughter Amber, 21,
step-son Adan, 18, and Alexander, 2.

When not in class or spending time with his family, he’s been volunteering
his time. He is a past Advisory Board Member of Devereux Arizona,
which helps foster children and parents, as well as being honored as past
Precinct Committeeman of the year in his legislative district.

He’s also been very dedicated in service to the chapter, having served as a
member of the Gamma-Rho Alumni Advisory Board as an assistant
alumnus advisor.

His efforts earned him an award as the Kappa Sigma Fraternity’s 1st Year
Volunteer of the Year.

“The Gamma-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma means so much to me in too
many different ways to list them all here. I think the most important meaning
that comes to mind when I think about our beloved fraternity and chapter is
loyalty. I am a lifetime Tucson resident (except for 19 months of my life). I
went to one elementary school, one middle school, one high school, one
university, and belong to one Greek Fraternity.

“I am happy to say that I have lifelong friends that were first introduced to
me as Brothers. I know that if they needed anything and I had the ability to
assist, I would and if any of my brother’s needed any assistance from me, I
will of course be there if I am able. This is not a bond that develops easily
for everyone, but by the grace of a higher power, we have been blessed with
this Fraternity, this Chapter, and each other to guide us, help us grow, and be
of service to one another when called.”