Gamma-Rho/Kappa Sigma Bobcats

A Senior Honorary at the University of Arizona

History of Bobcats Senior Honorary

For those who don’t know what the Bobcat Senior Honorary is I will try my best to share a quick history lesson about the organization. In January of 1922, Colonel Ernest L. Barnes (Kappa Sigma), graduate manager, approached T. D. Romero, (Phi Gamma Delta) the acting Student Body President, and discussed the idea of creating an organization of students who would share important ideas for the University. On February 22, 1922 a group of students held their first meeting at midnight in the Kappa Sigma annex with the intent to exchange ideas for the good of the University of Arizona and pass those ideas onto other members of the student body.  This led to the formation of the Bobcats. 

The participants at the first meeting were: Ernest L. Barnes (Kappa Sigma), George W. Chambers, Vance B. Clymer (Kappa Sigma), Malcolm B. Cummings, E. T. Cusick (Kappa Sigma), John C. Hobbs, Joseph T. Kelly, Ellsworth Menhennett, T. J. Randolph, T. D. Romero, Paul B. Ross, Harry A. Stewart, Thomas J. Wallace (Kappa Sigma) and W. W. Wofford 

Bret H. Lockling, James E. Walden, Robert L. Nugent, Robert R. Thomas, and Bryce E. Seaman joined the group later.  The members called themselves the “Wildcats.” They met in secret and agreed to remain anonymous.

The Bobcat Senior Honorary was created for the purpose of preserving the unity and welfare of the University of Arizona by always being alert to guide in the right direction.

Bobcats Senior Honorary is an organization that evokes pride, honor, and tradition. Since 1922, 13 outstanding seniors have been chosen each year to continue the legacy of serving the UA by protecting the heritage and traditions of the University. Acceptance into Bobcats is a life-long commitment of support and service to the University and the Bobcats organization

Motto “Eternal Vigilance”

Creed: An open, frank, sincere and unbiased group that knows no party lines, harbors no petty jealousies and idolizes the person who has the welfare of the University of Arizona at heart.

Founded for the purpose of preserving the unity and welfare of the University of Arizona by always being alert to guide it in the right direction.

A Bobcat’s first loyalty is to the University of Arizona, therefore “Eternal Vigilance” is their motto.

These brothers are/were members of the Senior Honorary called Bobcats:

Ernest Barnes – 1922-23
Louis Slonaker – 1923-24
John Duerson – 1924-25
Carlton Wicart – 1925-26
Robert Reid – 1926-27
Gerald Wallace – 1926-27
Fred Stofft – 1928-29
Frank Armer – 1930-31
John Boyd – 1931-32
James Stewart – 1932-33
Ford Rasmessen – 1934-35
James Boyle – 1935-36
Robert Palm – 1936-37
Walter Helm – 1937-38
Herb Macia – 1938-39
Carl Cooper – 1939-40
John McPherson – 1939-40
Mike O’Haco – 1941-42
Tom Chandler – 1945-46
Ferrill Capps – 1946-47
Brackston Whitaker – 1946-47
Bill Smitheran – 1952-53
Chuck Durazo – 1954-55
George Noon – 1955-56
Charles Pickrell – 1956-57
William Pistor – 1957-58
A.L. Slonaker – 1958-59 (Honorary)
Dennis Nelson – 1960-61
Sid Woods – 1960-61 (Honorary)
Mike Cagalj – 1961-62
Steve Lawrence – 1961-62
Don McGrath – 1962-63
William Walker – 1962-63
Stewart Elner – 1963-64
Steve Huntsberry – 1964-65
Harold Schwalen – 1967-68 (Honorary)
Ralph Deal – 1968-69 (Honorary)
Ed Truman – 1970-71
Steve Inman – 1971-72
John Turner  1972-73
Hanley Slagle – 1978-79 (Honorary)
Mark Villalpondo – 1979-80
Todd Smith – 1982-83
Eric Stevenson – 1984-85
Sam Chang – 2001-02
Tom Keating – 2001-02 (Honorary)
Eric Chambers – 2002-03
Peter Wand – 2003-04
Jason Hunt – 2007-08
Christophe Lindstrom – 2008-09
Alphonse Jacobellis – 2010-11
Jonah Weiss – 2016-17
Jake Shepp – 2017-18
Matt Noble - 2018-19 (Honorary)
Tanner Johnson - 2023-24
John Svoboda - 2023-24 
Peter Corrigan - 2023-2024
Pete Parker - 2023-24
John Jesus “Chuy” Dominguez - 2024-25 

2021 Bobcat Breakfast