Pete Parker Hustle Award

Pete had no idea that the Fraternity would create a significant impact on his life when he pledged in the Spring of 1988. All he wanted to do was hang out with a bunch of dudes and eventually be chapter president (a position he would eventually hold). What the North Hollywood, California native received were lasting tools for personal growth and professional success, along with a ton awesome memories. Serving as a campus leader with Kappa Sigma, IFC and the Race Track Industry Club, afforded him the opportunity to acquire leadership skills and practice them in an open and welcoming environment.

Pete credits Gamma-Rho for helping shape the person he is today. His passion for helping others, interest in improving his community and his desire to exceed, directly link to his fraternal roots. He feels a great obligation to this chapter and will never part with something he feels so close to his heart.

Since graduation, Pete has primarily worked in the non-profit sector. He created alumni/development programs at Notre Dame High School (Sherman Oaks, California) and Bishop Manogue High School (Reno, Nevada), where led a $22 million school capital campaign. He maintains involvement with Fraternity Management Group, allowing him to help fraternity chapters strive to achieve their capital, scholarship and communications goals. He’s also the Executive Director of Northern Nevada’s American Heart Association, which generated incredible growth and an affiliate-leading 145% actual to goal fundraising success in 2004-05. He serves on a number of committees and boards and is co-founder of a coalition aimed at fighting the childhood obesity epidemic.

The proud father of Caden, and Tessa, starts his day by chanting George’s “Day by Day” and ends it by reflecting on the day’s victories, even if it’s as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face. Pete believes that his purpose in this life is to make an incredible difference. He’ll tell you that his past successes are just memories and should stay in that state. What’s important is what he does today, how he acts right now and how he treats himself and others.

His quest is to create positive opportunities wherever he goes. A devout believer that awareness is more valuable than fundraising, he spends a great deal of time networking with community leaders, attending nearly every community and charitable event and enjoying all that Northern Nevada has to offer, including Lake Tahoe…a short 20-minute drive.

He feels he’s learned many lessons over the years; some good, some not so good. Value is found in recognizing each situation and learning from them. He’s incredibly happy and is grateful for his Kappa Sigma experience.

The Pete Parker Hustle Award is awarded to the active who like Pete Parker ’88, could always be counted on to get something done. Pete was a Grand Master.


Ragnar Rasmussen ’91
Jim Clark ’92
Andrew Meth ’94
Scott Sandberg ’94
Joe Everson ’97
Michael Lees ’97
Liam Maddock ’97
Tyler Buck ’99
Brett Gerson ’01
Connor Beckley ’01
John Wolfert ’03
Chase Gugenheim ’04
Skylar Hauswirth ’05
Austin Gates ’06
Kyle Simmons ’06
Nick Maccarone ’13
Jake Gorski ’13
Austin Castillo ’13
Sam Pellham ’14
Max Graven ‘17

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