Tom Keating Goes Greek. Really Greek.

Where in the world is Tom Keating?

Brothers, I have just returned from 7 weeks in Greece where I participated in an archaeology excavation on Mt. Lykaion in Arcadia. This is a joint project between the Greek government, UA and UPenn. We visited this site last year on vacation--that is how I found out about it and why I more or less invited myself because I believed I could make a difference. My job was Asst. Dir, Logistical Support. In simple terms, I was almost a daily shopper--about 25 minutes away in Megalopolis. I was the "fixer" of all things mechanical that can go wrong on any project and its housing, and I was a driver helping to keep our students where they needed to be. My dual goals were to keep our student excavators, surveyors, architects and specialists supplied and functional so they could maximize their time in the trenches. Also to make their quality of life in the villages as comfortable as possible--no matter the marginal state of repair of some of the houses we lease. And, finally, to pull distractive work from our co-directors so they could focus on project goals, responsibilities and leadership. There is no question that I achieved my goals and received overwhelming gratitude from all in return. And for me, the experience ranks right up there in the top 10 of my life time. God bless our young people--being around them and working for and with them is rewarding beyond words! Tom Keating Gamma Rho '62