Michael McCoy '95

Mike was initiated into the Gamma-Rho Chapter in January 1995. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1998 and completed his law degree here in 2001. During his time as an undergrad, he served as Scholarship Chair and as Grand Treasurer. He was also involved on campus, including intramural sports, in campus clubs and ASUA. Mike loved his Kappa Sigma experience and stays in contact with many brothers. Serving in different leadership experiences helped him gain confidence and prepared him for future endeavors. 

Mike started his career as an attorney for the US Securities and Exchange Commission. After leaving the SEC, he practiced corporate law at two large international law firms. MIke is currently the Chief Legal Officer of Avnet, Inc., which is a global technology distributor and solutions provider with approximately $25 billion in annual revenue. While with Avnet, he lived in Brussels for three years serving as the lead lawyer for its international businesses. He serves on the board for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and has served as a director for other nonprofits. He is currently serving on the Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation. 

He and his wife Laura have three kids, Alex, Morgan, and Ryan.

“Joining Gamma-Rho changed me forever and I will never forget the brotherhood I experienced. It was clear when I rushed that Kappa Sigma was different. It was a diverse set of brothers that came together to support each other and push each other to be better. The brothers promised a unique experience and they did not disappoint. The ability to serve in leadership positions gave me confidence and experiences that helped propel me in my career. I still try to live by the Star and Crescent and push our watch words of diligence and commitment on to my team at work. I am better off having joined Gamma-Rho and am forever grateful.”"