Michael D. Honigstein ’91

Eagle Scout Michael Honigstein started attending the University of Arizona in the Fall of 1990, and opted to join Kappa Sigma in the Spring of 1991. “I rushed Kappa Sigma because the brothers seemed genuine: genuinely interested in me, genuinely interested in my development, and genuinely interested in my friendship.” While pursuing a degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Architecture, “Schteign” also served Gamma-Rho as Grand Master. He went on to study film at New York University as well as Military Sciences at the Naval War College.

Brother Honigstein is currently based in Washington as the Human Rights Section Chief in the Office of Human Rights, Humanitarian and Social Affairs in the State Department’s Bureau of International Organizations. The human rights section is responsible for developing and implementing policies that promote human rights issues across the UN system, particularly at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Before serving in Washington, Michael was the peace process officer in Tel Aviv, Israel where he worked on the Annapolis process, supported Special Envoy for Middle East Peace Senator George Mitchell, and was a member of the Secretary of State’s Roadmap Monitoring Team. Michael has also worked on the crisis in Darfur and helped open the Consulate General – now a full-fledged Embassy- in Juba, Southern Sudan, where he worked to implement the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Other tours include serving as the General Services Officer and Political Officer in Gabon and Sao Tome and Principe, and serving as a consular officer in the Bahamas. Michael has Meritorious Honor Awards for his contributions to peace efforts in both Sudan and Israel, for his work as the political officer in Gabon, and for his service assisting Americans in need in the Bahamas.

He has earned Meritorious Honor Awards for his service in 2004, 2005, 2007, and 2010.

Michael and his wife Melissa have two children, Sage Mirit Honigstein, age 5, and Keith Panther Honigstein, born in February, 2011. His brother Bill is a ’95 initiate of Gamma-Rho.

“Gamma-Rho and Kappa Sigma have formed the foundation of my success, probably more so than what I learned in the classroom. The social and leadership skills that I learned in the fraternity are the skills I used every day as a diplomat. My best friends today are still my fraternity brothers. “