George Jenson Ritual Award

George is something of a “Jack of many trades” and is involved in a variety of careers including real estate sales for Santana Realtors, real estate education for Hogan School of Real Estate, and database programming and custom software development. He continues to spend time in scuba instruction, public speaking, and personal coaching/hypnotherapy as well.

He was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Sedona, AZ. He came to school at the U of A in 1982 and loved Tucson so much he stayed. For 11 years he owned half of Fraternity Management Group, a fund raising consulting firm that specialized in large capital campaigns for college fraternities. He sold out in June of 2001 and has been building his multi-faceted consulting business ever since.

He is married to Jennifer Casteix, a Pediatric Speech Pathologist who earned her Master’s degree at the U of A. Together they love to travel, work on their house, and do lots of community and volunteer work.

George has a long history of volunteering for Kappa Sigma Fraternity, both locally and nationally. As an undergrad he served as a Pledge Educator and Grand Master. He started as an Assistant Alumnus Advisor for Gamma-Rho not long after graduation in 1987. In 1990 he moved into the house at El Capitan Court at the same time the chapter did, and lived there until the chapter moved out in 1995. He occupied the Advisor Suite at our present house during the first two years the chapter was there, eventually realizing that seven years as a live-in advisor was plenty. He held the position of Alumnus Advisor nearly the entire time he lived in. Since then he has continued in a variety of local positions as well as held numerous titles with the international fraternity. He is a recipient of the Supreme Executive Committee’s Service Commendation, a Gamma-Rho Chapter Hall of Fame Inductee, and a Past Gamma-Rho Chapter Man of the Year. He was Grand Treasurer, Grand Master of Ceremonies, Pledge Educator, and a variety of other committee chairs during college, but has consistently maintained that one’s true service to Kappa Sigma comes after graduation. He also believes that after college is when brothers have the opportunity to truly discover the depth and value of our brotherhood. George is presently the Assistant District Grand Master responsible for Brothers in Action (membership development).

George is also a member of the Board of Directors for Orphanage Outreach, a Phoenix-based charity he has worked with for many years. Orphanage Outreach serves several orphanages in the Dominican Republic. George is also on the Board of Directors of the Child Language Center. It is a facility setup to research and provide therapy for early childhood language development.

In his spare time, George enjoys flying his aerobatic airplane, cooking, reading, and renovation work on their house. His next big project is to build an airplane in his garage.

This award is given to the undergraduate who has shown the most dedication to the ritual during the last year.


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