Erik Kiernan '92

Erik Kiernan was initiated in 1992 and graduated in 1996 from The University of Arizona with a BA in communications. Brother Kiernan was the House Manager for Gamma-Rho for many years and also served as Grand Master of Ceremonies, Grand Treasurer, and Pledge Educator. After graduating, he served two years as a Co-Alumni Advisor for the chapter. He met his future wife at a Kappa Sigma party and is forever grateful for that encounter.

Brother Kiernan got his start in fundraising when he worked for Fraternity Management Group after college. He moved to Boston in 2000 and began working for CCS fundraising soonafter. He is now a Senior Vice President and is a team leader in the firm’s Boston Office. CCS is a global fundraising consulting and management firm. He has worked on and designed multi-million dollar campaigns for dozens of nonprofits. He has helped secure nearly $1 billion for inspirational causes in New England ranging from environmental protection to inner-city youth education. His responsibilities include designing capital campaigns and managing a team of campaign directors. 

“I consider myself very fortunate to have spent almost my entire undergrad time at Gamma-Rho while we were at El Capitan Court. Everything about the old house was conducive to the brotherhood experience, from the smallness of the Chapter Room and welcoming atmosphere of the 12 apartments to the small parties and the fact there was always someone around to hang out with. I got to know everyone in the house 

and they got to know me. My college experience was greatly enhanced knowing I could always find help, advice, or someone to play sand volleyball with at El Capitan. As a Kappa Sig, I am proud that most of the brothers I have met over the years have had a similar desire to place brotherhood and camaraderie over social status."