Zenas Noon Sr. ’24

The late Doctor Zenas Barnard Noon began his medical education at the University of Arizona in 1923. Prior to entering college, his education took him through a variety of schools including Roswell Military Institute in New Mexico, and Los Angeles Military Academy in California. He graduated High School in his birthplace, Nogales, Arizona.

His general education had taught him discipline which was incredibly evident in his academic life. He finished his undergraduate studies at the University of Arizona in 1926. He was a focused student and member of Gamma-Rho Kappa Sigma. From there, he continued on to the Medical College of Virginia. After graduation there in 1930, he started his medical internship at the University of Michigan, with his post graduate work to follow at Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Noon’s surgical residency took place at the University of Pennsylvania, and he graduated in 1932.

With nearly 9 years of schooling under his belt, Doctor Noon was eager to begin practice. He returned to Nogales, and became Medical Director of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration Transient Camp in Nogales in 1933. The camp was located at the Stephen D. Little Camp. There Dr. Noon established the Camp Little hospital and provided complete medical and surgical care for transients residing in the camp. That same year Dr. Noon’s personal life also blossomed. He married Mary Alice King on December 21, 1933, and through the years they raised 6 children together, two of which also became actives in Kappa Sigma at U of A.

The following year, Dr. Noon began conducting a private medical practice in Nogales, which he ran until 1981, with a brief interruption from 1942 – 1946 when he went into the service. He served as a Captain in the US Army Medical Corp., performing orthopedic and general surgery in California and Utah military hospitals. His final rank was a Major just prior to leaving the army.

Dr. Noon was a dedicated surgeon and member of the American Medical Association, and American Society of Abdominal Surgeons. He was a President of the Arizona Medical Association, the Santa Cruz Medical Society, not to mention, the State Board of Medical Examiners.

He always maintained his roots and ties in Nogales and was a Charter Member and President of the Nogales Lions Club, as well as a life member of the Nogales Elks Lodge. In the past, he served as President of their Chamber of Commerce. He also gave his time as a Nogales Volunteer Fire Department Physician.

In the midst of his medical successes, Dr. Noon never let go of things important to him personally. He was a devoted family man, an avid hunter, and a licensed pilot. He was also an accomplished musician. In fact, he earned money during both college and medical school by playing the saxophone and clarinet in a band on the evenings and weekends. In April of 1981, Dr. Noon died in Botswana, Africa.