Why Join a Fraternity

It is not unusual to hear a man credit his chapter for contributing more to his success than the classes he attended in college. Why? 

As a new student attending the University of Arizona, you are no doubt being hit with a barrage of information about a wide variety of experiences that college life has to offer. Spend as much time as possible reading and evaluating this information, the things you can learn are not fabrication, and if you’re serious about making the most of college and life, you find them important.

A lot of students attend the University of Arizona. People from backgrounds as far ranging as you can imagine. You will come into contact with many in your classes. Some you will develop friendships with. You will also get a first-class education inside of the classroom from quality faculty. However, you will do your greatest learning outside the classroom, and you will develop your lifelong friendships from those you meet in organizations.

And guess what? It is these things which the Greek system is best at helping develop. It is these abilities, this learning outside of the classroom that makes the Greek system what it is. By banding together as a group of individuals with common objectives, an atmosphere is fostered where leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and management skills are demanded. Out of this need springs learning, adapting, and personal growth. Fraternity life, above all the many benefits it offers, gives you practice in the real world.

So when you hear a fraternity man credit his success to his fraternity…believe him! Just make sure when you choose a fraternity to join you have asked around to ensure no hazing exists; that the chapter is not too focused on its social status; it is committed to academics, campus involvement and service; and diversity & inclusion is now part of their culture. 

Benefits of Greek life 

  • Out of 5,000 general fraternity chapters, a majority consistently achieve higher grade point averages than the all-male averages.
  • 70% of fraternity members graduate from college compared with only 50% of non-members.
  • 85% of the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity and 43 of the 50 largest corporations are headed by a fraternity man.
  • 40 of 47 Supreme Court Justices since 1910 were a fraternity man.
  • All of Apollo 11 Astronauts are Greek.
  • Over $7.0 million annually is raised by Greek chapters.
  • Over 85% of campus leaders on 730 campuses are members of fraternities & sororities.
  • A Gallup study says that fraternity and sorority graduates secure a job immediately after graduating at a higher rate and they are much happier people.
  • Fraternity and sorority alumni are more likely to donate their time and treasurer to their colleges than non-Greek alumni.

To learn more about joining a fraternity, click here: https://greek.arizona.edu/fsp/fraternity.