Ward Andrews '94

Ward is the CEO at Drawbackwards, a multi-million dollar consulting firm that dissolves complexity and delivers simplicity for customer experience and software product teams globally.

He has worked with hundreds of the world’s biggest brands for over twenty years including: American Express, Choice Hotels, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sony, Intel, General Dynamics, Insomniac Games, GoDaddy and Willis Towers Watson. His brand and design projects have garnered Addy, Prisma and Emmy awards.

His CX and software product work has generated over $1B in value through cost savings and new revenue growth. Ward's enterprise client mix includes: healthcare, financial services, hospitality and a range of consumer products. High-growth SaaS companies partnering with Drawbackwards have been acquired by the likes of Square and Experian.

In the sports world, Ward is known for his Shaq account on Twitter, motivating Shaquille O'Neal to create a "real" Twitter account. Sports Illustrated called the project an "enormous impact on modern sports culture". Twitter's Biz Stone declared his account the "first known celebrity impersonation" on Twitter. Ward has also designed Lute and Bobbie Olson Court for the University of Arizona and the Nash-era two-tone wood Phoenix Suns court, which was celebrated by Phoenix Suns forward Shawn Marion as "sick" (which had to be explained to Suns management as a "good thing").

Heavily involved in his local community, Ward has served as an advisory board member for the City of Chandler Economic Development Advisory Board, has taught as design entrepreneurship at Arizona State, and is well involved as a volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America. 

To Ward, Gamma-Rho and Kappa Sigma means “A place to learn and grow. A strong foundation to make school and life choices from. A connection to a lifetime friends and business associates. Wonderful memories and an amazing college experience.” 

Ward is happily married to his wife Lisa in Mesa with his three children, Audrey, Max & Hannah.