Stewart “Tex” Elner Ironman Scholarship

Stewart Elner was a graduate of the University of Arizona in 1964, where he was an active member and brother of Kappa Sigma. Stew was in the ROTC and after college served in the U.S. Army as an Infantry Officer and was stationed in Berlin in 1986, Stew successfully completed a course of study at The Wharton School Securities Industry Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stew was a successful Investment Manager, and in 1998, he started and maintained his own Investment Company, Elner Capital Management. He has received honorary commendations for published information in Forbes Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

Stew’s Exemplary leadership qualities brought success and friendships in everything he did. He served as Grand Master as an undergrad, was on the House Corporation Board for 15 years, and has received Kappa sigma honors in the Hall of Fame and as Man of the Year. He will be eternally remembered in Kappa Sigma History. Stew was an avid runner, having run in several Ironman Competitions, and right through his death lived his life as an “Ironman.”

The Stewart “Tex” Elner “Ironman” Scholarship is awarded to the active who has unrelenting drive to get things done. They are a good athlete, chapter leader, and they carry at least a 2.75 GPA.


Tim Laskoski ’03
Tim Laskowski ’03
Ronen Cohen ’05
Matt Lind ’06
Stephen Crim ’13 (2013)
Stephen Crim ’13 (2014)
Jacob Wait ’15 (2015)
Matthew Stagg ’14 (2016)
Jacob Wait ’15 (2017)