Ryan Anderson Outstanding Active Award

When he arrived at the University of Arizona in the fall of 1993, Brother Ryan Anderson had lofty goals. “When I met Ryan as a freshman, he spoke of one day becoming president of the United States,” his best friend Jeff Klinger ’94 says. “I was not really sure what to think about that when I first met him. It was a lofty goal. As the years went on, I realized that Ryan was serious.”

Eleven years later, Brother Anderson may or may not be pursuing a career as leader of the free world, but he has had his share of triumphs along the way. He started by becoming president of the Gamma-Rho Chapter as a sophomore and joining the Inter-Fraternal Council on the UA campus, as well as making the Dean’s List from 1995-1997.

He graduated from the UA in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and English and then went on to attend law school at Southwestern College in Downtown Los Angeles, where he met his future wife, Dina. While at Southwestern, he served as a law clerk for the Law Office of Franklin L. Ferguson, Jr., in Los Angeles and the Hate Crimes Division for the Los Angeles County District Attorney. Today Ryan is a partner with Guttilla & Murphy law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brother Anderson served as Grand Master as an undergrad, and was the 2004 winner of the Gamma-Rho Man of the Year

The Ryan Anderson Outstanding Active Award is awarded to the new initiate or active who has made a positive impact on the chapter during the semester.


Ryan Schneider ’93
Ryan Anderson ’94
Scott Gossett ’94
Chris Dwan ’95
Robert Meadows ’96
Tyler Buck ’99
Sean Mason ’00
Christopher Voorhees ’00
Nathaniel Williams ’00
Charlie Hall ’01
Ryan Coors ’02
Nick Colletti ’03
Nick Madrid ’03
Matt Windisch ’03
Ricky Tribble ’04
Jon Wolfert ’03
Brad Thomas ’06
Kori Hazel ’13
Nic Martino ’13
Jeff Delaney ’16
Carter Jenischen ‘16

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