Richard “Bosco” Larson Scholarship

Born in Fort Worth, Texas; “Bosco” was a popular and active undergraduate during the early 60’s. He held various positions in the fraternity including House Manager and Social Chairman. He was the brother who always had a good time, but was there the next morning to clean things up. Following a stint in the United States Air Force, “Bosco” pursued a career in computer sciences and acting.

As an alum “Bosco” served on the Housing Board of Directors and enjoyed his frequent visits to the chapter.

“Bosco” was truly a beloved “Brother”- loved by all who knew him.

The Richard “Bosco” Larson Scholarship is awarded to the active who is always the center of the party but never a problem member and is always there the next morning when work needs to be done.


Craig Murphy ’01
Adam Chusid ’02
Sean Harrigan ’02
Matt Windisch ’03
Scott Revey ’04
Jeff Schlaack ’05
Bryan Nagy ’06
Daniel Feldman ’06
Jake Gorski ’13 (2014)
Andy Demetras ’13 (2015)
Evan Molnar ’15 (2016)
Christian Brady ‘15 (2017)

This roster is incomplete and missing the names of award recipients, please send us a message with any additions or corrections.