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Why join a fraternity?

It is not unusual to hear a fraternity man credit his chapter for contributing more to his education than the classes he attended at college. Why?

As a new student to the University of Arizona, you are no doubt being hit with a barrage of information about the wide variety of experiences that college life has to offer. Spend as much time as possible reading and evaluating this information, the things that you will learn are not fabrication, and if you’re serious about making the most of college and life, you will find them important.

A lot of students attend U of A. People from backgrounds as far ranging as you can imagine. You will come into contact with many in your classes. Some you will develop friendships with. You will also get a first class education inside of the classroom from a quality faculty. However, you will do your greatest learning outside the classroom, and you will develop your lifelong friendships from those you meet in organizations.

And guess what? It is these things which the Greek system is best at helping develop. It is these abilities, the learning outside of the classroom that makes the Greek system what it is. By banding together as a group of individuals with common objectives, an atmosphere is fostered where leadership, communication, conflict management and interpersonal skills are demanded. Out of this need springs learning, adapting and personal growth. Fraternity life, above all the many other benefits it offers, gives you practice for life in the real world.

So, when you hear a fraternity man credit his success to his fraternity believe him!

Benefits of Greek Life

  • Greeks Excel in Scholarship – Greeks consistently achieve higher GPA averages than the All-Male average; Greeks have a 10% higher graduation rate than do non-Greeks; and the US Department of Education states that joining a fraternity is one of the best buys in a college education.
  • Greeks Achieve – 70% of those listed in “Who’s Who in America” are Greek; 85% of upper-level executives in “Fortune 500 Companies” are Greek; and 43 CEOs of the top 50 U.S. companies are Greek.
  • Greeks Lead – more Greeks lead campus organizations than non-Greeks; 75% of the U.S Congress are Greek; 85% of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices are/were Greek; 100 of 158 of those who served on the Presidents Cabinet this past century are/were Greek; and all but three of the U.S Presidents since 1825 have been Greek.
  • Greek Give – As alumni, more Greeks serve in university volunteer capacities and we donate roughly 75% of the individual giving per year; as undergraduates, Greeks raise approximately $7.0 million per year and donate 850,000 hours of service.


Kappa Sigma Fraternity International Memorial Headquarters
Get facts, description, contact lists, directions and visitors information about Kappa Sigma’s IMH. Website:

Famous Kappa Sigmas
Kappa Sigma can count among its brothers numerous men who have achieved the pinnacles of success in their respective endeavors. From entertainment to politics to science, Kappa Sigmas truly excel.

Kappa Sigma’s Four Pillars
Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, Service

Recruitment Recommendation
Kappa Sigma is always looking for outstanding young gentlemen to join the Fraternity. If you know a young man with excellent qualities, that will be attending the University of Arizona, we would love it if you sent a recommendation.

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