Joel Rapp Spirit Award

Joel M. Rapp spent a busy five and a half years as a U of A Kappa Sig. He balanced his time between earning two degrees, multitudinous house chairmanships, a stint as GP, and taking the lead on a host of less official, but no less essential, functions and committees.

In the decade immediately following his graduation he lived in seventeen separate countries on five continents working as a Designer, an architect, an engineering consultant, and, occasionally, a travel writer. Four years ago he hung up his traveling boots and settled in New York City where he owns a small design firm and an even smaller bar, amongst his other concerns.

This year finds him in a brief return to the road; living in the eastern Himalayas, where he is designing an elementary school complex in conjunction with a Buddhist monastery.

Despite his wandering feet Joel has remained close to dozens of brothers all over the country. Weather it is sharing a bowl of Tom Yum with Brett Dewire on a beach in Malaysia, crossing the Canadian Rockies with Chris Dwan, or just taking up deck space on sailing trips from New Zealand to the Caribbean, wherever brothers are getting together, you will find him there.

Most recently he was proud to co-host, along with brother Jay Altschuler, over twenty brothers at this years alumni roast in New York, and looks forward to seeing even more next year in San Francisco.

The Joel Rapp Spirit Award is awarded to the active who may not be a chapter leader but always brings a positive, fun loving spirit to the chapter as Joel Rapp ’88 did.


Jeff M. Klinger ’94
Scott Sandberg ’94
Chris Gladney ’98
Ross Bloom ’00
Brian Savitch ’01
Nick Colletti ’03
Kevin Stamler ’03
Jordan Bradfield ’05
Michael Lloyd ’06
Alex Rossman ’07
Holden Havlick ’13
Spencer Stathis ’13
Nick Lau ’13
Boston Lotto-Newquist ’15
August Kelly ‘15

This roster is incomplete and missing the names of award recipients, please send us a message with any additions or corrections.