Century Club

It is at this critical time in which ask you to consider membership in the Gamma-Rho Century Club.

As you know, the Gamma-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma is poised on the precipice of regaining our charter and returning to the University of Arizona campus as a recognized fraternity.   As you may also know, due to the exhaustive efforts of our younger alumni and dedicated chapter advisors, Gamma-Rho has been able to re-colonize and pledge 70 new members to the Gamma- Rho colony.  However, our recruitment efforts may be in vain if our alumni do not show the same financial commitment to the return of our beloved fraternity to the University of Arizona as our chapter advisors have shown in the recruitment and re-establishment of Gamma-Rho as colony.

It is an uncomfortable topic, but the financial costs to recolonize our fraternity at the University of Arizona are dramatic.  We estimate that our re-colonization efforts will exceed $30,000.00. In addition, the necessary renovations and restoration of the Chapter House will require an additional $60,000.00. We also have a mortgage against the Chapter House with a remaining principal balance of over $600,000.00. Accordingly, until we are able to overcome our short-term and much of our long-term financial obstacles, we put the colony/chapter in jeopardy by placing too large of a financial burden on them. They have a much better chance of succeeding in the long-term if they do not have too much debt to manage.

To combat these expenses, the alumni have decided to establish an exclusive group of donors we have named the Century Club. The Century Club is populated with alumni brothers who have donated $1,000.000 to the Gamma-Rho House Corporation with the understanding those funds will be used to re-establish the Gamma-Rho Chapter at the University of Arizona, rebuild the foundation of the Gamma-Rho Chapter and establish a legacy of fiscal solvency of the House Corporation. Members of the Century Club will be awarded a custom pin, recognized at all future homecoming events and specifically honored at the Centennial Homecoming in 2015.  Furthermore, Century Club members will be identified on a plaque at the Chapter House as the 100 Brothers who stepped up to make the financial commitment to enable the return of the Gamma-Rho Chapter to the University of Arizona.  It is our intent to limit the Gamma-Rho Century Club to 100 Brothers and we currently have 51 members.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Importantly, we have recognized that many of our loyal alumni brothers have given significant amounts of their financial resources to Gamma-Rho and that the more recent generations of alumni brothers (1984-present) have not.  However, we are at a pivotal moment in the history of Gamma-Rho and we strongly urge to consider joining the Century Club. Without the financial support of our alumni, the Gamma-Rho Chapter of Kappa Sigma at the University of Arizona will not become the fraternity that some may equal, but none excel.

If you wish to add your name to the list of brothers below, please email Matt Noble or call 520.990.3250.


We’d like to thank the following brothers of the Century Club for their support and commitment to Gamma-Rho:

John Murphy ’31
Loren Jackson ’37
Ned Darnall ’49
Bill Smitheran ’51
Henry Bobbe ’52
Frank O’Bryan ’52
Art Tanner ’52
Chad Brucker ’57
Mike Cagalj ’58
Don Harris ’59
Chuck Lytle ’59
Carl Russell ’59
James Sherman ’59
Stew Elner ’60
Steven Lawrence ’60
Norm Kramer ’60
Mike Rogers ’60
Tom Keating ’62
John Pfeffer ’62
Tom Fannin ’63
Terence Kynoch ’64
Stephen Larrabee ’64
Joe Koch ’65
Steve Inman ’65
Pat Murphy ’65
Gary Long ’66
Bob Hadeler ’66
Scooter Mattison ’66
Vince Dean ’67
Michael Logan ’67
Dave Stallings ’67
Jim Rednor ’69
John Turner ’70
Taylor Heidenheim ’71
Bill Wiess ’80
Duke Schwartz ’81
Mark Casey ’82
George Jenson ’82
Eliot Kaplan ’82
Don Langlais ’82
Eric Stevenson ’82
Steve Dean ’84
John Fung ’84
Matt Noble ’84
Scott Polston ’85
Brice Jones ’86
Randy Christensen ’89
Mike Honigstein ’91
Pat Moran ’92
Gilbert Alvarez ’94
Ryan Anderson ’94
Jeff Klinger ’94
Tony Marksch ’94
Steve Napoles ’94
Eric Vorrie ’94
Weyman Price ’95
Mark Speidel ’96
Craig Lowden ’96
Ed Finger ’97
Sean Litsky ’99
Sean Mason ’99
Sam Chang ’00
Branden Lombardi ’01
Ryan Coors ’02
Paul Clapp ’02
Ryan Seidel ’04
Matt Mayberry ’05
Fred Ferreira